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Lincoln Airport Foundation



Jerome Cain

1925 South Airport Drive

Lincoln MT 59639

P.O. Box 641
Lincoln  MT  59639-0641



On approach to Lincoln airport in summber

The Lincoln Airport Foundation (LAF) is an IRS 501c3 Public Charity whose purpose is to provide volunteer and financial support to and/or through the Montana Aeronautics Division (MAD) for the erection or maintenance of public buildings, monuments, or works toward the preservation, protection, maintenance, and improvements of the State-owned general aviation Lincoln Airport (S69) and for the conservation of natural resources thereby lessening the burdens of government. A principle purpose of the Corporation is to promote public safety through increased access for air support of search and rescue and medical evacuation, improve aviation safety, develop and/or expand airport recreational sites, provide information and education to individuals, organizations, and governmental personnel as a means of furthering and promoting these purposes, and to support additional activities which will achieve other results consistent with this purpose, including, without limitation, the following:


(c) In furtherance of the above objectives, the Corporation shall have, but is not limited to the following purposes:


1. To work in conjunction with Montana Aeronautics Division and other governmental agencies as well as private individuals to preserve, maintain, and improve Lincoln Airport.


2. To conduct clinics, workshops, classes, seminars, discussion groups, sessions, panels, forums, and lectures for the purpose of educating the public on the public on the public and economic benefit of Lincoln Airport to the town of Lincoln and the surrounding area.


3. To elicit and receive donations, gifts, bequests, assignments, or transfers of property, goods, money, or any other rights, licenses, or interests to support the purposes of the Corporation. 


4. To facilitate education, growth, and appreciation of aviation so as to insure the continuation of an interest in Lincoln Airport in the generations to come.


5. To make distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt under such Section 501(c)(3).


Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to authorize or permit the Corporation to carry on any business for profit, or to do any act that a corporation formed under the Act, or any amendment thereto or substitute therefor, may not at that time lawfully carry on.

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